5 Reasons why Qatar will be the best World Cup for fans to attend

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5 reasons to be at in 2022 at the World Cup

Find out more about the Qatar World Cup

If you’re an avid fan of soccer, you’ve heard about the negative press surrounding this year’s Qatar World Cup. From the time to 2010, when Qatar was first chosen as the host nation for the World Cup, news reports quickly surfaced that corruption and bribery had been at play in the process of voting. Since then, news reports have expressed concern about the scorching heat in Qatar. or the absence of infrastructure. or the working conditions that are not ideal for the construction workers who are employed to construct the stadiums. There have been several requests to let another nation host the tournament. If you’re an international soccer fan There are many reasons to be excited about this year’s World Cup in Qatar.

Why #1? proximity to the stadiums

This is the main one. It is the primary reason that the upcoming World Cup will be the most memorable of all time and you should pay attention. However, I’ll have to begin with a brief background lesson to help you better comprehend the magnitude of an event this is.

The first World Cup was hosted by Uruguay in 1930. The 1930 World Cup consisted of just 13 national teams. The event was held in just 3 stadiums, all of which were in the town of Montevideo. (Bonus information: the very beginning World Cup match ever was won by the USA against Belgium in a 3-0 win). The Uruguayans were the winners of the tournament by beating Argentina.

Since the very inaugural World Cup, the tournament is held every four years, with the exception of World War II. The later World Cups have been dispersed across several cities. In 1962, the World Cup was split across only four cities within Chile. This year’s World Cup was shared by South Korea and Japan, hosting the tournament in 20 cities. From 1934 until 1934, the mean amount of cities that host the World Cup is 10. What is the significance of that?

It is important because of the travel time. One of my first World Cups was in 1994 and I had the opportunity to be a part of Team USA from Detroit to Los Angeles. I usually view the 2006 World Cup as one of my top experiences of all time. I was based in Frankfurt, Germany, and made day trips on trains to attend the USA games. You can get to a city hosting the match by train the same day the match was taking place, and then spend your night there in the city of host and return by train to Frankfurt the next day. This was much superior to my experience in Brazil during World Cup 2014. World Cup. The following Team USA meant plane flights to Natal, Manaus, and Recife. The thick Amazonian rainforest that surrounds Manaus was intriguing, but I’d rather be near the sandy beaches in Rio de Janeiro. Coordinating hotels and flights within Brazil was a nightmare in terms of logistics. Ask anyone who was there. Similar situations were seen in South Africa and Russia.

This concludes the lesson in history Let’s now focus on Qatar. In 2022, the World Cup will technically be divided across five cities in Qatar However, it’s true that all of the cities hosting the tournament are in reality just suburbs of Doha the capital city. All eight of the host stadiums are connected by metro lines. And the closest distance to the Doha center is only 30 miles! So I’m able to rent only one hotel and attend all the matches of Team USA without having to travel to other cities. But wait, there’s more.

Since all eight stadiums are located within 30 minutes of one another This means that I am able to effortlessly watch other teams play during the off days in support of Team USA. To be honest, those who are the most passionate about soccer could be able to observe four games a day, throughout the Stage of Group Stage. It’s never been possible during the entire history of the World Cup. It’s a dream coming real. It is my belief you will find fans who can attend the entire 48 group stage games that were played over the beginning 12 days. It’s the ultimate bucket list event for any soccer fan.

Reason # 2: The Melting Pot

To attend the German World Cup in 2006 I stayed at the Steigenberger Hotel right across from the main train station in Frankfurt. It’s a lovely old hotel and I thoroughly loved my time there. One of the best parts for me when I stayed in a city was witnessing the shift in culture when teams arrived to play their games. The matches were held in each city that hosted the tournament every day for four days. The first week of the competition, my hotel was filled with Brits who were there to watch England take on Paraguay. A few days later, my hotel was full of South Koreans. They were the Iranians and it was difficult to not notice the gorgeous young Persians who were gathered in the lobby of the hotel. The final group stage game in Frankfurt was a match between Holland with Argentina. In all my years, never have I witnessed fans gather in the way that the Dutch do. American sports fans believe that tailgating ahead of the start of a college football match is an important thing. Imagine a whole city is transformed into an orange sea of Holland supporters, with a drink in their hands, and singing with the highest volume of vocals to cheer on their team. They didn’t have tickets for the match; they simply wanted to show their support outside of the stadium! Imagine a patriotic tailgate that extends beyond the city and you’ll get a notion of what it was like.

How is this applicable to Qatar Do you want to know? It’s because all matches of 2022’s World Cup are being held within a 30-mile distance of Doha the capital city of Qatar. This means that the majority of the fans of each team will be gathered in Doha. This is a first. It’s the biggest World Cup melting pot to date. It will be 32 countries will be represented. Everyone will be in the same place, strolling along the same boardwalk, dining in the same restaurants, and shopping at the same market. If the United Nations had a baby with March Madness, I expect that’s what it’s going to appear like. Every venue will be echoed by competing songs from a vast variety of native languages. It’s going to be culturally epic!

Reason # 3 The Infrastructure: Hint: It’s all new

Qatar needed to fulfill numerous promises in order to be a winner of the bidding process and to host in 2022 the World Cup. In particular, they had to construct a large number in the form of hotels. There will be a lot of brand-new 4- and 5-star hotels to open during the next few years. They will be extravagantly decorated, and the service will be outstanding. Qatar hopes to leave impressive impressions on the world. It begins with stunning new accommodations.

Doha also required an entirely new metro railway line. It’s Doha Metro recently opened for service in 2019 and is known for its use of completely driverless trains. With speeds of 100 km/hr, this is one of the fastest trains worldwide. Each stadium is accessible via the metro system, which means you don’t require to hire a car or take a bus to Qatar. If you’ve got a place you want you to want to go then the metro will take you there.

Regarding the stadiums, there was only one of eight stadiums in Doha when they were awarded the bid. Seven of the stadiums opened in the last year, or are still waiting to be opened. They’re all being constructed using green technology, with plans to reuse them following the events in the developing nations. The majority of stadiums are small and have capacities of around 40,000 people. They are likely to be modern and clean equipped with modern technology as well as comfortable seats.

This year’s World Cup final will be held by Lusail in a brand-new stadium. And, wait for it, the entire city has been designed specifically for the games. Lusail is a completely new city that was built specifically to host the World Cup, complete with resorts, marinas, and marinas, as well as entertainment and commercial districts along with a golf course. There are even a few artificial islands to add a touch. For a total cost of $4 billion Lusail has been designed to be a city of the future. Qatar will show it off during this year’s World Cup. When the tournament is over it will be converted into a stadium into a public space including shops, schools cafes, sporting facilities, as well as health clinics. The level of development in advance of the World Cup is unprecedented.

Reason #4 There’s something else going on.

There’s never been a World Cup hosted in an Arab country. This is the Middle East’s chance to show off its part of the globe. I’ve had a blast on World Cup visits to Europe, Asia, South Africa, and Russia. It’s time to try something new.

The majority of tourists to Doha visit the world-renowned Souq Waqif market, which is the oldest market in Qatar. It has been a popular gathering place for traders for centuries. The building was renovated in 2006, incorporating traditional Qatari design, and has a multitude of stalls offering traditional clothing including spices, crafts, and other souvenirs. It also houses numerous cafes and restaurants as well as hookah bars.

For those who are most adventurous, a typical half-day trip can be an adventure in the desert. Your driver will pick you up from the hotel in a classy 4X4 SUV and then drives you toward the desert that is nearby. They let air escape from the tires, allowing the vehicle to move more smoothly across the sand dunes, giving you an exhilarating rollercoaster ride. The majority of tours make the short journey to Khor Al Adeid, which is among the three locations where the desert joins the ocean.

There are many other things that you will not experience elsewhere. The desert can be explored using ATVs. Falconry is big in Qatar. Also, camel races are popular. Sandboarding is an option as well. It’s relatively easy to rent an inflatable boat to fish or for just exploring the coast. Of course, there are many beaches to relax on, and perfect weather during the World Cup.

5 Reasons: It was the first Wintertime World Cup

The World Cup is traditionally held in summer. Each World Cup in history started in June or May and ended in July. This was the initial plan of this year’s Qatar 2022 World Cup, however, many have raised concerns over the scorching heat that is expected during this Qatari season. Given that the average temperature in the summertime is around 108 degrees, can anyone blame the Qataris? Then, in the year 2018, FIFA confirmed that in the would-be announcing that Qatar World Cup would move to a more compact schedule that would begin on the 21st of November 2022 and close on the 18th of December, when temperatures are expected to be at or above 70 degrees.

On one side, this means that in order to be able to attend you’ll have to spend your Thanksgiving holiday in the Middle East. The Middle East. However, there’s a major positive side to this timing. In the summer months, many places to visit in the world become jammed with families who are vacationing with their kids who are school-age. In the past World Cups, I’ve competed against families to get hotels, airline seats, and reservations for restaurants. It won’t be the scenario in Qatar. School-aged children must stay at home. Most people who visit will be there to watch the World Cup.


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