50 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog

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Are you looking for things you can do together with your pet? You’re in the right location!

If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s no day that’s dull when you have an animal in your life. It’s sometimes fun to explore something new, and there are myriad ways to spend spending time with your pet! We have compiled a list of 50 things that you could do while with your pet…

1. Take a walk in the city

One of the most effective methods of exploring cities is to do it on walking, and a knowledgeable guide will guide you and your dog to the most hidden places you’d otherwise miss. Free Walking Tour in a city close to you

2. Take a walk or jog with your friends

The towns and parks aren’t solely for walking. So take off your shoes, pull up your leash, and run with your dog by your side. It’s simple to start as a couple or go to your local free park run to share the fun with fellow pet owners and runners. Please be aware of the weather conditions and avoid taking your dog on a walk in scorching temperatures.

3. Explore a National Park

Do you have plans for a day to explore the countryside? Bring your dog along! The 15 UK National Parks are some of the most stunning and cherished landscapes. They offer many opportunities for spending time with your dog.

4. Visit the English Heritage or National Trust website.

There’s an abundance of dog-friendly spots to visit and dog-friendly excursions to abbeys, castles, parks, and historic gardens throughout the UK. Visit the English Heritage or National Trust websites for a complete list of places to visit!

5. Find your besties for play dates with canines

Do your dogs have dogs with whom to play? Invite them to your home or go to the park to enjoy some time together! In this way, you’ll have the chance to chat with your pals as well. And you’ll be left with one exhausted pet at the end of the day. Being a dog’s owner is an excellent way to make new acquaintances too.

6. Have fun playing games in the park

A stroll through the park will make your dog’s tail turn! There are many games to play like Frisbee as well as tug of war with fetch, follow the leader or hide and seek, and more. These games not only enhance communication with your pet but also aid in teaching your pet in a fun manner!

7. Take your dog on a pet-friendly holiday

As the options for pet-friendly holidays continue to increase, it’s more convenient than ever to take your pet along on vacation with you! Websites like Pets Pyjamas can help you to locate UK establishments that will love your pet just as you love them. Check out the TOP 10 dog-friendly vacation spots in the UK

8. Visit the beaches

A day at the beach is bound to create a happy dog So why not take an afternoon at the beach, and allow your dog to run, play and sniff in the sand as well as splash around in the ocean? It’s certainly a relaxing and active option to pass the time.

9. Go to the pool

Visit your local dog-friendly lake or swimming pool to enjoy an afternoon of swimming with your pet.

10. Take agility or obedience classes

Learn your dog new tricks by attending the official agility and obedience classes. If your dog is proficient, you can be a part of an agility contest!

11. Participate in the dog show

If you have the pedigree of your dog, shows are the most sought-after canine sport in the United States and is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate to others that your dog is one of the top out there.

12. Take a trip to an event for dogs or a dog show.

There are a variety of exciting events for dogs to attend all through the year, such as Just Dogs Live, Dog Fest, National Pet Show, And many more!

13. Do a photo shoot with your pet

Enhance your photography skills by making use of your dog being the main camera! Gather the photos, get them printed, and then create an album of wonderful memories you make with your pet. If you’re hoping to win an event for professional photographers you can also participate in the Kennel Club’s Annual Dog Photographer of the Year contest.

14. Your dog can become the next social media celebrity

If you’ve got a ton of gorgeous photos. You can create a social media profile for the dog. You can post your favorite photos with your family and friends.

15. Bring your dog to play with you

If the workplace you work at is dog-friendly Why not bring your furry pet to work to spend the working day? Numerous scientific studies have found having pets in the office could dramatically reduce stress levels in the workplace. It is even better to discuss with your employer about participating in Take Your Dog to Work Day! Take Your Dog to Work Day is an annual event that raises funds for organizations that make an impact on the lives of dogs. Make sure to gift your dog a glamorous new job title too .”Hello you, barking manager!

16. Blog about your dog

In the age of digital, there is no better way to capture your memories with your pet than to begin your own blog. You can write about the adventures you have with your pet, write reviews of products for pets as well as share the latest news about dogs, share the most loved dog-friendly occasions and activities or showcase your best photos of your pet – and so much more! Check out some of the top blogs on dogs to find some ideas

17. Give your dog a massage

Your dog is likely to love it when you kiss the belly of them but have you thought of giving your pet massages too? Massage can ease anxiety and stress, improve well-being and build a stronger relationship with your pet.

18. Join us as a Pets As Therapy volunteer

Volunteering is one of the most enjoyable things you do with your pet. You’re aware of how much happiness and joy your dog brings into you and your life Why not let your pet be As Therapy dogs? Together, you could go to hospitals, schools, or nursing homes to offer comfort and companionship for older, sick, or young individuals.

19. Paint or draw your dog’s portrait

A paintbrush and a piece of paper is an excellent way to spend time with your pet, and creating a portrait of your pet is a great opportunity to show your appreciation for your dog’s fur! And you don’t need to be a Picasso to create a stunning job! Painted By You provide a custom “Paint By Numbers” based on a photograph you send.

20. Design the perfect garden

Everyone can have spending time outdoors with their pets and also create the perfect garden simultaneously. But, ensure you’re following these suggestions to create a pet-friendly garden!

21. Try paddle boarding

Stand-up paddle boarding with your dog is fantastic fun. Try this brand-new and thrilling sport in the great outdoors with your pet!

22. Relax and enjoy the sunrise or the sunset.

There’s nothing better than lying back and watching the sunrise, so get out for a morning walk with your pet and welcome the new day ahead.

23. Plan a camping trip

Camping holidays are fantastic since many campsites allow dogs to come along to enjoy the excitement. With stunning landscapes to explore and lots of space to play, explore, sniff, and run around in, your dog will be thrilled!

24. Visit the pet retailer

Treats such as toys, grooming supplies, and toy beds Pet stores are the ideal place for you to pamper your dog with something different! Bring them along to receive their opinion prior to purchasing.

25. Find a dog-friendly café, restaurant, or pub

There is a myriad of pet-friendly bars, cafes, and eateries across the UK that are happy to host you as well as your furry companion for a meal or drink. Doggie Pubs can assist you to find dog-friendly establishments near your home.

26. Attend an outdoor event

Go to your local community’s websites and look through what dog-friendly events are being held. Think of outdoor movie fairs, village fetes and farmers markets, parades and dog-friendly festivals, car boot sales, and much more!

27. Explore the seasonal nature offerings

One of the most enjoyable ways to spend time together with your pup is to make use of the different seasons can provide. Puddles, sprinklers, and snow – every season brings something new and exciting for your dog to explore!

28. Geocaching is a must!

Geocaching is an extremely high-tech treasure hunt in which participants follow the global position satellite (GPS) coordinates that are listed on the Geocaching website in search of caches (items kept for later use). Geocaching has gained popularity in the outdoor sports scene. Your dog is able to join in! Learn more about geocaching.

29. Take a trip on the road to a different city or town

The world is yours to explore and extends far beyond the local villages and towns. Take a trip with your pet and discover what new places can provide you! Before you leave ensure you investigate what local dog-friendly events and what activities are on offer to ensure you can plan your trip wisely.

30. Go on a boat or kayak, or even a canoe

There’s plenty to discover at the local lake, so why not paddle the water to enjoy the beautiful landscapes with your pet? They’ll be Captain of the boat within a matter of minutes!

31. Visit the farm

Bring your dog along on a tour of your farm, and look at the cows, chickens, and pigs!

32. Practice training with clickers

Clicker training is the use of tiny tickers which produces distinct sounds, in order to teach your dog to link rewards with certain good behavior.

33. Have an afternoon picnic

If it’s at the local beach, park, or even in your backyard among the most enjoyable things to do with your pet is to unwind by having a picnic in the afternoon!

34. Have your dog have a birthday party for your dog.

Do you know when your dog’s birthday is approaching? Enjoy the celebration in style with a birthday party for your dog! Invite your friends and their dogs, create a game for the occasion to play, and have a blast. You can even bake the cake (for humans only!)

35. Do some dog-themed baking

There’s no reason not to pamper your dog So why not create some pup cakes from scratch or other delicious dog treats? Make sure, when you bake for your pet, ensure that you use dog-friendly recipes and make use of ingredients safe for dog consumption.

36. Increase your knowledge of your dog’s

If you’re interested in dog well-being, have you thought about returning to school to pursue certification? For everything from grooming to CPR and canine behavior and dog walking There is a myriad of courses that you can explore. You might be able to start an entirely new career working with dogs!

37. Do you read with your dog?

There’s nothing more relaxing than cuddling in a comfortable chair with a book and absorbing yourself in a world of a different kind, and it’s one of the easiest activities you can do with your pet.

38. Go to a show on TV or film with your friends

A rainy day can’t be complete without spending a few hours cuddling up on the couch and enjoying your favorite films. The movies and shows based on dogs that are on Netflix are infinite!

39. Plan an event for charitable causes.

A dog-themed charity event is a fantastic opportunity to bond with your pet, and also do something for your community. You can plan a charitable dog walk, create or sell dog treats, organize your own fun dog-related competition, and plenty more.

40. Visit your vet

Many dogs do not like going to the vet however it is vital that you get regular checkups to make sure they’re healthy and well. It can be made more enjoyable by gaining confidence by making social calls when required and then heading out to enjoy some exciting walking and activities afterward.

41. Visit the groomers for your dog.

Give your pet some pampering at the local salon for grooming your dog. It is the College of Animal Welfare offers grooming services for dogs at its facilities located in Leeds as well as Huntingdon.

42. Play Flyball

A dog that likes to chase balls is bound to take to flyball easily The relay race requires dogs to jump through four obstacles, catch the tennis ball that has come out of a launcher with a spring-loaded and then run back across the hurdles. It’s a fantastic opportunity for you can help your pet burn off the extra energy.

43. Have a go at Nose Work

Nose Work is a fast-growing canine activity that is suitable for all types of dogs, including those with behavioral or physical disabilities. Similar to the search and rescue tasks performed by professional sniffer dogs this game involves dogs searching for and identifying different scents in various situations, both indoors and outdoors. Teams consist of a single dog and a handler, so the use of noses is a wonderful method to connect with your pet.

44. Increase your trick-training

Who said you couldn’t make an older dog learn new tricks? It’s a wonderful method to spend time with your pet. It is possible to teach anything from “basics” – sit, down and stay to be called, walking on a leash, to more sophisticated and unique techniques like rolling over, leg weaving, or walking forward.

45. Canicross

Canicross is the game of cross-country running for dogs. The dog’s human is driving the dog through the back of its head using the use of voice commands. Canicross is not just an effective method of keeping an animal and a human fit, but also stimulates the dog’s brain, and helps them put their brains in a working mode. Participating in dog-related activities usually means that both you and your dog have the chance to interact with other dog lovers even if it’s just you with your pet, you’ll strengthen your bond with your pet, which is extremely satisfying and fun as well.

46. Try Doga

Doga is a dog yoga practice that assists in strengthening the connection we have with our dogs.

47. Enjoy Interactive games

Interactive games like treat and puzzle games offer the dog with mental stimulation and reduce the risk of problematic behavior such as frequent barking, chewing, or chewing.

48. Participate in a breed-specific meeting

Breed-specific dog-related meet-ups provide the dogs and their owners with a lot of enjoyment and camaraderie. Also, sharing the experience of having an identical breed of dog will provide many common ground points to grow on!

49. Join a dog-related group

There are many different activities that you can take part in, including walks and dog playgroups. Do not fret even if your dog is brand new to the world of dog-related activities, as most groups are open to newcomers! It’s not just the perfect opportunity to meet new pet owners, but your pet dog will have the chance to play with other dogs, too. Go to the MeetUp site for local dog clubs near you.

50. Have a rest with your pet

Napping with your dog can reduce anxiety and stress. There’s no one on earth that your dog is more in love with than you. So that small amount of extra cuddle time can make your dog’s day!

And lastly…

51. Appreciate your dog

Thank God for your dog at your side as they will love you with all their hearts and make you laugh at their funny behaviors, and, most importantly, they will inspire you to look for happiness in the simplest things.


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