A Day Without Technology ! Can You Survive !

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It is a nightmare to stay up late using a phone to message friends, use the television to stream Netflix shows and use consoles to play video games, use laptops to perform various tasks, and many others. Technology was created to facilitate tasks for humans, however, the misuse of technology has had negative effects on human nature and character.

The recent generations have used technology to satisfy their own needs, however, not for the benefit of their families. Technology can be used to study, work to be productive, imaginative, and so on. Nowadays, technology is utilized to waste time, such as watching television shows all day long or playing games all day long. If someone uses technology in the way it’s intended to be utilized, then they can accomplish huge things with ease like enhancing their understanding.


Long-distance communication was never easy at first. As we’ve learned humans adapted various methods to help them accomplish their goals. When communication wasn’t possible through their native language, they were able to communicate using different gestures and symbols similar to gestures that are used to communicate with deaf people.

One of the best ways to relay messages over a large distance was by using the use of heliographs. The device was utilized to reflect the sun’s rays to alert the locals or community about an invasion, or to need assistance, and so on. In addition to warnings, heliographs were also used to send out messages of good quality too.

As time passed as technology improved, people developed different ways to connect across long distances. Nowadays, a cell phone is all that a person has to communicate with anyone, even if they live in different countries. From texting to making friends with different applications to chatting online through a phone. Technology has advanced significantly. However, this rapid advancement has had a negative effect on human beings as well. The population is becoming addicted to phones You will be seeing them on the phone during the day. They are texting with their boyfriend, girlfriend, or other acquaintance.

Television Shows:

Are you bored? So, turn on the TV and then get comfy and begin watching programming on Netflix or another streaming service. Today, people can stream their most loved TV shows using their smartphones. Ask the teens about a television show or anime and they’ll be able to answer. They enjoy these shows without obstacles.

Before the 1930s, folks would visit theaters to see their favorite dramas. The actors of the time used to stage their plays in theatres. In the past, technology wasn’t as advanced as it is now. People would go to the dramas in the theatre for entertainment.


The Esports industry has seen a surge following the COVID-19 outbreak began. Many people who were fired began engaging in video gaming and then streaming them. Streaming on platforms such as YouTube or Twitch or others, for instance, allowed them to earn revenue by the number of followers and views they’ve accumulated. Through the help of a large number of followers, they can make money from game channels. Alongside those who changed their career to gaming, a lot of people are avid gamers who play games to relax. Games have also served as used to relax of stress.

Before smartphones, computers, and consoles were invented there was a time when people would play in physical sports, i.e. sports. The sport is still popular across the world, but the number of viewers has declined dramatically as time passes. It is now commonplace to observe every teen and kid playing on various consoles, computers or mobile phones.

Can You Survive?

Examine yourself, your routine, and the things you enjoy. We invite you to share your thoughts with us.

Do you think you can survive for a whole one day without technology?

These are just a few examples of what you can compare to the past with today’s technological advances. If I’m being honest, I wouldn’t be able to live the day without technology. I must keep an eye on my Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp often to see if my friends’ messages have been sent.

Even if I don’t go on social media I’ll probably play some games on my Android phone to get away from all the negative and stressful thoughts.

Overall, I’d have to suggest “No” as an answer to this question since I simply cannot live without technology.

Benefits of a Day Without Technology:


The first thing that we should do after we wake up is going through our phones. We turn on the internet and check Instagram or email. What about a different approach for the day? If you are having a day that is not dominated by technology, get up and don’t touch your smartphone.

Cleanse and scrub to locate a comfortable spot to meditate. Don’t plug in your headphones or seek assistance through a meditation application.

It’s going to be difficult at first however, let it go and listen to the sweet chirping of birds and the whistling wind, and the tingle of a new day takes you by surprise. It’ll be a trance-like state for you.


Illustration and graphic design are both new concepts. They have taken over the world as an emerging art form, and are a great method for creating unique and attractive designs.

I am a fan of graphic design and I am taking classes to master it. What about returning to drawing using paper, a pencil, and an eraser? This isn’t the traditional method, but many people still use it. However, it’s the age of technology, so it is a good idea to draw. We urge you to draw even if you are just beginning.

Eat…While Eating!

While it’s not for all when was the last time you ate without looking at a computer screen?

We all watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and YouTube videos when we eat. However, this is not the case for professionals at work cause the boss may look at you with a stern stare.

If you’re at breakfast or dinner or eating, put your phone down. Take in the delicious taste of the food take time to appreciate it, and be grateful for it.

No Google Maps

An entire day with no technology sounds better than one that doesn’t make use of Google Maps when you travel. It might sound frightening initially, to travel to a completely unknown destination. Perhaps you’re in a group or by yourself.

It’s a bit terrifying to not have an online map that you can access from your phone. What if you happen to wander into the midst of a dark neighborhood? And then you realize that you are in a place that has no technology. Be prepared to Buy an Atlas or a local guidebook to the area you’re planning to visit. Some are very precise. However, some may not be.

Rely on your social skills and follow the good old method of asking bystanders, fellow travelers, and locals for directions and detailed information–something you won’t find on google and maps.

This creates the most exciting challenge when traveling, rather than having complete comfort with Google Maps.

Stock Up on Your Favorite Music Albums

Before the advent of torrent, Soundcloud, and Spotify There were CD and cassette tapes with all the top songs and albums. While it might be a bit naive and unpractical an absence of technology may be a good excuse for giving the music streaming service Spotify and reverting to the old-fashioned CD.

Write Letters

When write letters to your boss or colleagues could be considered unreasonable to them and you. The boss may even consider you a fool for doing it. However, we’re not discussing sending letters to your boss.

Love letters were commonplace prior to Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Skype, and email. Couples and lovers wrote letters to their partners, sharing their feelings and passion since they knew that the letters wouldn’t reach prior to 10-15, based upon the distance.

There was a sense of anticipation that lovers felt as they waited to receive their love letters. Although, anticipation, passion and emotion are present in the present. The accessibility of communication has led to people taking their companions for granted and, often, there’s nothing left to discuss.

Therefore, an additional step that will make your day easier without technology. Write your letter of love and send it to your loved one and make sure that his mother doesn’t have access to the letter!


A lot of us are part of a group of people such as college friends, school friends, or even friend groups of a certain club. However, we prefer to connect with one another through phone calls and video calls.

It is true that this could be a problem due to the various locations we live in, our different working schedules, as well as college and school schedules. However, this shouldn’t stop us from living an ordinary day without technology. You can use your phone to serve one reason. Okay, two, actually!

Contact your buddies and agree on the date and time for your meeting. Imagine how wonderful it would be to have a small group of college or old-school friends gathered in your favorite spot.

Chatting with each other about their lives and giving an ear for their concerns and problems. It’s much more effective to talk face-to-face instead of via phone. The experience is crucial.

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