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As our lives are increasingly dependent on the internet and social media, our time on screens increased as well as our stress levels due to social media! In these days when we’re not going out as often and spending more time online, social media burnout is a serious issue! Here’s how you can deal with (and make an effort to keep from) burning out on social media!

Of course, social media isn’t necessarily the all and end-all… it’s actually everything. In reality, there are many things that need to be given more consideration! But, if you’re dependent upon social networks (at a minimum) for running your company, and it’s crucial to secure sponsors, it’s something you have to develop and manage.

How can I stay clear of social media burnout?

A few months ago I was at the edge of burnout on social media. I was posting numerous times per day and was feeling that I had to think of something new to share. It was, in reality, exhausting because I had to create content can be exhausting and also because I’m a bit boring in the real world (ha!). The constant posting of this content also killed my creative juices.

I’m in my last year at university and I live in London. This means lots of coffee-fueled days of trying to figure out what I’m going write for my dissertation and not much time to get out and take photos. Instead, I’ve begun posting old photos that I’ve never previously posted or that I’ve edited.

In this way, I am able to revisit travel memories from my library and create interesting content. Through algorithm modifications and other such things, the platforms have lost their instant magic in the end. I’d rather share a beautiful image from three months ago rather than one that isn’t as good as the one I snapped today due to a hurry to find something interesting.

Post Less Often

Instead of posting content on social media sites that have a lifespan of 24-48 hours, I decided to dedicate the time I had to write posts to my site. What I write here is the same as my blog or my internet (depending on which dies first. I’m betting that the blog will die first, but you don’t will know!)

So I’ve been able to create material on this site. A platform on which I am in total control and do not have to worry about algorithm changes that could result in having my account suspended or so I’ve been able to develop the content that I’ve created on this platform.

Instead of posting several times a day on my social media platforms, I’ll publish a better-quality photo every couple of days. Additionally, I’ve come to know it’s my blog that’s the one platform on which I am in complete control, and don’t need to be concerned about algorithmic modifications. Also, I don’t have to worry about having my account suspended or blocked since I own the blog! Hacking is an additional problem…

Pause on a regular basis away from the Online World

These days, I attempt to spend at least two hours of time off every day. My experience is that it’s easier to focus on my work when I switch off my phone or my internet connection off. If this is difficult to accomplish I would highly recommend the StayFocusd Chrome extension. It is possible to add it to the Chrome internet browser to block your access to specific websites for all the time you want.

For instance, if you were to block yourself from using Facebook during the hours between 9:00 am to 9 pm You could add Facebook to your list of blocked websites. If you tried and access Facebook during these hours, however, you’d instead receive an email that reads something similar to “I don’t think so.

I also make an effort to stay away from my laptop and phone for a short period prior to bed. Research has shown that the bright light from screens of technology can trick your body into thinking it’s not night, making you’re feeling more alert.

So, I’ve installed f.lux onto my PC. It also adds a yellow/orange filter to my screen. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my ability to sleep more soundly since I first started using it!

You can also detect F.lux when you’re awake. About eight hours before you go to bed and you’re connected to or using your laptop, a small pop-up will show up, reminding you that you’re getting up shortly. It’s a useful tool to remind you that you’re probably sleeping!

Meet people who don’t really care about social media

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I have lots of acquaintances I’ve made via blogging and adore them to bits. But I also love having friends around to criticize me for having my phone on too long! Even my dog is irritated when I’m looking at my phone instead of going out for an outing or throwing him an object (haha).

If I’m going out for an evening meal, I’ll set my phone away during the meal (what is with basic manners?). If I’m planning to look up the location, I’ll snap a few pictures prior to the meal ( yes, I’m that kind of person) before I turn my phone off during the meal.

Remove the facebook application from your mobile

Out of all ways that I deal with social media anxiety, the most effective option I’ve found (social media-wise) was to uninstall the Facebook application off my smartphone. My phone is constantly close to being overloaded (taking many photos per day in RAW can do this automatically).

So, a couple of months ago, when the storage limit message appeared I did not think about uninstalling my Facebook application! It’s only recent that I realize that browsing through my Facebook feed a few times per day was taking up lots of time and creating stress that was unnecessary.

Another one of my former classmates is a new graduate with a nice job. Someone else has gotten engaged? It’s difficult to recall the fact that Facebook is the highlight reel from your day.

Continuously scrolling through the feed made me think about my own choices and it was difficult not to be tempted to compare myself with the amazing experiences and opportunities. Eliminating the application from my phone erased any doubts with the press of an icon. If all other doubts were quickly removed, surely? This also made room for more photos!

Stop going through the news multiple times per day!

Okay, this is sort of a social media issue however, it is also relevant to everyday life. In reality, learning how to manage stress from social media isn’t just about learning how to use social media, but rather being able to handle the ever-changing world.

As a member of the millennial generation, I’ve taught lots of things through Facebook initially, and then going to on the latest news when I get home. After I erased Facebook on my smartphone, it also erased all news apps on my phone.

Instead, on a few mornings per week, I’ll get up earlier to read some of my most-read papers to keep track of world news. Our brains aren’t designed to handle millions of pieces of information in one day. Yes, I have to be aware of what’s happening around the globe. However, I don’t have to know what’s changing each five minutes…

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