Why should I be a reader !

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What are the advantages of reading?

Murasaki Shikibu Murasaki Shikibu is one of the Japanese women who wrote the novel “The Genji Tale” in the 11th century. The novel was composed of fifty-four chapters, all centered around courtly seduction. it is believed to be the first novel ever written in the world.

In the past, people continued reading books. Today, certain devices permit readers to read via their smartphones rather than reading actual books, which makes reading more convenient and effortless. The reading of books has been proven scientifically to offer humans a variety of advantages, such as enjoyment as well as information and enjoyment.

Reading books can boost your physical and mental health. The advantages of reading books are noticed in early childhood and last for years.

We know that you’re looking in learning the most information you can about how your hobby could enhance your life Below, you’ll find the specific details about each benefit, broken down into appropriate categories.

Better vocabulary

According to research, children who regularly read at a young stage develop a large vocabulary in the future. If a child enjoys the advantage of having a vocabulary, they can affect their academic performance by passing different sets of tests, and eventually gaining college admissions and numerous job prospects.

Many employers are searching for candidates with soft skills, for example, communicating clearly. The advantages of reading books include giving the reader exposure to new vocabulary directly in the context of reading and enhancing soft skills.

Better communication skills

Reading provides you with a lot to think about, so you’ll constantly let your mind wander and explore diverse stories and topics. A strong imagination and good vocabulary can give you an edge in the creation of simple and complicated sentences that are appropriate for various occasions such as interviews and basic conversations.

Many readers find it easy to express their feelings, and expressing their feelings and thoughts or engaging in simple conversations is a breeze.

Stress relief

It doesn’t matter if it’s a book or an article compelling story can distract you from everyday issues and tasks. When you’re able to put the chance to read an outstandingly written book that will take you to a different world and an interesting article will keep your attention on the present. Any tension that you feel is removed and allows your whole body to ease into relaxation.

In 2009 researchers from the University of Sussex carried out an investigation and discovered the following: a reduction of 68% in stress levels when just six minutes of reading. What’s this? A great book will make you go to places your stress levels won’t be able to.

Depression relief

Scruton an influential British philosopher, stated that the notion that one could escape reality isn’t a real-life consolation. Depression sufferers always feel alone and isolated from the world. Reading articles and books can ease these feelings.

Reading books can allow you to get away from the world and experience the adventures of fictional characters. While at the same time reading self-help literature can help patients suffering from depression gain a better understanding of themselves, and the signs and issues they face.

Self-help books like these are highly recommended by experts and doctors.

Health benefits

Everyone who reads will confirm that being completely immersed in the pages of a good book can trigger the brain’s different functions. Researchers have demonstrated this, and continue to prove the various health benefits that come with reading.

Reading helps us increase our empathy and improve our memory. You’ll feel happier and be more positive in your life. Studies have shown that reading can aid in the treatment of depression, ease stress and reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s later in the course of your life.

What are the advantages of reading fiction?

A lot of readers have said they love reading fiction. In any tale, you quickly become a pirate, King, or fairy who is 50 years old. The benefits of reading stem from carefully written captivating words.

When you read fiction you can easily learn intellectual and social skills and theories of mind. You build emotional intelligence, which makes it easier to comprehend the thoughts of others. Fictional stories create a spooky atmosphere for readers and give them the chance to improve themselves.

The great thing about reading fiction is that it is not necessary to give them up because you’ve reached adulthood. in.

It makes it easier to feel empathy

Empathy is the ability to recognize or experience the experiences of others and to relate them to one’s own. It’s a skill that can be developed and practiced regularly.

In reading about the character’s thoughts and emotions it is clear how it feels to be part of their life and how you can live your life like someone else with a different perspective on life than you do.

The emotions you feel in specific situations in the course of a story tend to differ from the reaction of the characters. This is beneficial for the reader because it allows them to feel the emotions of the person they are reading about.

A book’s reading helps you to develop empathy because your brain directly experiences what it’s like to feel in another’s shoes. If you are able to apply your acquired wisdom in the real world and apply it to your own life, you’ll have gained an entirely new power.

Increases the imagination

To be able to read a novel is to be able to envision the contents. The imagination of a person can grow and impact your everyday life.

When most people think of imagination, they instantly associate it with children or art. It could be a drawing or a work of art.

If you are reading a book you can imagine the entire book and clearly identify the characters in the story and this increases the activity of your mind. Imagine is the sum of all things that aren’t connected to our past or our current.

Enhances memory

Reading fiction helps improve memory. Fictional stories are filled with details that help readers remember long-term goals as well as actions. When you read every chapter of the novel you must remember the characters, the plot, the conversations, and much more.

The brain can enhance your memory capacity by educating it to convert information into long-term memories. It has been scientifically demonstrated that reading can slow memory loss in the later years of your life.

Your brain functions just like any muscle. It requires regular exercise in order to increase. The benefits of reading books and other works increase the memory of your brain by stimulating various areas of your brain and making it possible to make new connections and improve the quality of your connections.

Visualizing information helps improve memory.

Another study focused on analyzing brain scans of people who were reading novels. As the plot became more intense brain scans revealed an increase in activity in various regions of the brain.

They monitored the individuals’ activity in the brain for a few days following the completion of the novel. The results showed an improvement in cognitive and neural activity.


Reading different fiction books can help you become more open-minded and inclusive. If you can easily comprehend and connect with another’s story, you’ll increase your understanding of marginalized communities and individuals.

Reading books can open your mind to understand different situations in life and reduce the negative impressions we make of people. Students who are exposed to prejudice are more accepting, and clear and don’t discriminate at all against other children. This is also true for adults.

Makes you happier

Reading fiction books is an enjoyable and healthy habit to include in the course of your day. As mentioned earlier, reading books can help reduce stress levels and helps to help you escape any type of negative thoughts. There are a variety of scientifically-proven benefits of reading and all of them translate into the fact that books bring you joy.

If you take time to read your preferred book, it instantly lifts your spirits, making you feel fantastic. An investigation conducted in the UK population, which included 1500 adults revealed an average of 76% of the respondents said reading had improved their lives and aids in feeling great.

The reading of different publications, articles, and books stimulates the brain to release endorphins and oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine Dopamine, and serotonin which make you feel happy that make the reader feel worthy joy, content, and joyful.

Makes you more tolerant

Fictional stories cover a variety of themes and you can learn a lot from them regarding being more open.

As I’ve mentioned before reading is a way to relax your mind and body. Being less stressed puts you in an overall better state of mind, which helps you accept your surroundings.

But, exposure to various life experiences can help you comprehend the challenges of others and apply your expertise in your daily routine.

Enhances analytical skills

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There are a variety of ways in the way that reading fiction can help you develop your ability to think critically. The brain is always trying to organize and sort information, and reading books can help make it more adept at doing it.

When you follow the plot of the story or think about the potential ending You are indirectly training yourself to sort, organize through, think about, organize and control information. Analyzing data and research in order to fill in the gaps in books allow readers to possess the ability to apply analysis in all situations. It’s not just beneficial to your brain to be able to read different fiction books It’s also enjoyable!

What are the advantages of studying non-fiction?

It can be fun and enjoyable but the same can be said for reading non-fiction novels. Non-fiction can provide you with data that, when compared with the imaginative worlds that you’ll find in novels of fiction, could assist your personal development in the way that it is.

Teaches you facts

The study of non-fiction can teach you facts that are concrete, as opposed to letting the mind wander in the imaginative world. It doesn’t matter if it’s a book on history or a book that focuses on the topic that you are interested in the non-fiction genre provides the most accurate information and lets you learn an ability that you’ll use in the future in the course of yours.

It expands your thinking process

One of the benefits that nonfiction books offer is that it stimulates the region of your brain that is responsible for thinking analytically. This improves your thinking abilities, allowing you to gain a better understanding of real-world concepts. It also makes it simpler to formulate your own views about things. Add the improved skills in communication to the mix and you’ll be able to acknowledge the possibility that you’ll become more adept at arguing your own opinions.

It helps you organize information more effectively

Because non-fiction is based on factual information and is an excellent source of information and information, it is written in a different way than fiction. It is essential to comprehend headings, subheadings, graphs, and diagrams can help you organize the information in your mind in the same way.

Improving the way you structure and organize information can be extremely beneficial in your day-to-day activities.

What are the advantages of reading novels?

Reading novels can aid in developing your social skills and developing your brain. Children and adults who read books score higher in various tests such as tests of empathy and boost the capacity of people to make connections with other people.

A study carried out in 2010 showed that children who read novels and stories are able to develop an increased capacity to imitate the mindset of others.

In a different study, released in 2009. Oatley observed that reading novels helped improve people’s social skills such as openness, agreeability, to diverse situations, emotional stability emotional awareness, extroversion, and stability.

Longer life

A study was conducted to assess the lifespan of non-readers and readers adults. People who regularly are avid readers were more likely for longer than those who didn’t and the difference was two years.

The study also showed that those who read more than 3 hours per week lived longer than people who did not read as much. The study also revealed that magazines as well as other forms of media weren’t as effective as reading novels.

Enhance focus

Reading novels is considered to be beneficial and is a necessity to develop literacy. Reading can aid in improving the capacity of an adult or child to concentrate.

When you read, your brain is involved in an exercise that is healthy. Your brain is taking in information, and retaining details, and rereading the story. This is a great way to exercise your brain.

In addition by keeping your brain engaged with the plot and allowing your brain to be trained, you will develop the ability to concentrate on a particular task for longer durations of time.

Healthful entertainment

One of the most well-known benefits of reading books is that they are an excellent source of healthy entertainment. Every book you select and read will offer various stories and details as well as you can take your book around and read in the most ideal location such as at the pool, on the couch, by the beach, or even in the evening before bed.

You’ll be able to explore endless possibilities by choosing the reading of books to be your primary method of entertainment. Through a reduction in stress to understanding how to analyze and focus on various situations, you can live a more fulfilling life.

Nowadays, there are a lot of harmful entertainment sources, mostly via electronic media, such as games and movies that can be accessed via your television, computer, or mobile. Electronic devices emit blue light that has negative effects on our eyes of ours. When you are focused on reading, you lessen your exposure to blue light. can be absorbed from your time spent on various social media platforms and other devices.

What are the advantages of reading prior to bed?

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Reading before going to bed is a tradition that’s as old as. Many people have difficulty reading before bed, while some prefer to keep their storytimes to their lovely childhood.

Does reading before bed benefit people? It’s a simple answer However, let’s take an in-depth look at the advantages of reading prior to going to bed.

Better Sleep

When you start reading an ebook and are completely in it, you will be completely in it, you’ll be able to unleash your imagination, which allows you to enter a euphoria that is unchangeable.

When your mind is in a book reading the tension will be relieved and your body is ready for sleep. The people who read prior to going to bed typically get a good night’s sleep that is deep and well-rested.

Less stress

If you’re lost in an ebook you are focused on the story, and you are no longer focused on the problems you’re dealing with, which is why your heart rate, blood tension, and blood pressure are decreased.

However, it is advised to select the kind of book you wish to read. Horror, mystery, or thriller books can be enjoyable to read, however, the suspense and plot may keep you awake longer than you would like. Select books that are inspirational and relaxing that will always have positive effects on your mood.

It could help to prevent insomnia

Sleepiness is caused by a variety of factors, such as stress levels, as well as other medical conditions. It makes it very difficult, or even impossible, to sleep.

The act of reading a book prior to going to bed can help lower stress and anxiety levels. These have been identified as one factor that causes insomnia.

In addition, reading can boost levels of serotonin as well as melatonin which may help people suffering from insomnia to get in the right mindset to sleep.

Bottom Line

In the end, reading can enrich your life in numerous ways. And the advantages are unquestionable. One of the most powerful tools you could ever own in your arsenal is the good book because it offers you an opportunity to discover the many options in the world and get amazed in this process.

If you’re looking to boost your reading routine a boost, we recommend you take a look at the Basmo application.

It’s a fantastic tool suitable for all smartphones that are available and allows you to track the books that you have read, read, or would like to read. Additionally, it allows you to keep in the loop of your reading activities (time spent reading pages read) It also lets you create reading goals and reminders to ensure you don’t miss out on your reading time.

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